battle of mobile networks

Battle of Mobile Networks – Is Jio the Fastest?

There has been a lot of controversy about which mobile network provides the fastest speeds. This prompted us to have a battle of mobile networks.

To determine a winner, we will be using speed results from TRAI directly to ensure that there is no bias. Also, the tests were conducted in March 2017.

Battle of Mobile Networks – Background

To give you some background on the whole situation, it all started when Ookla LLC certified Airtel as the fastest network. However, Reliance felt these were false claims since all their tests revealed that Jio was the fastest network. Reliance sued Ookla LLC, and ultimately won.

TRAI conducted speed tests to find a clear winner, and we have the results.

Battle of Mobile Networks – Speed Tests

Let us get right down to business.

TRAI took a speed test in some major cities in India, and the results did not surprise us at all.

  • Mumbai: Vodafone came in third (8.45mbps), Airtel came second (16.04mbps) and Jio won (23.59mbps).

battle of mobile networks

  • Delhi: Vodafone once again came in last (5.55mbps), Airtel came second (9.89mbps) and Jio came in first place (13.19mbps).

battle of mobile networks

  • Kolkata: Airtel came in third (10.31mbps), Idea second (13.07mbps), and Jio came first (16.79mbps).

battle of mobile networks

  • Chennai: Airtel came third (9.28mbps), Jio came second here (9.66mbps), and Vodafone came first (9.92mbps).

battle of mobile networks

We can clearly see that Jio is the clear winner here. While the speeds are not particularly “fast” by 4G LTE standards, Jio has the fastest speeds among the competition in almost all cities tested.

battle of mobile networks

Moreover, TRAI conducted a monthly trend test to see which operator was the most consistent with their speeds. Well, turns out Jio wins here, too. It scored 16.487mbps, at least twice the speed of the other operators.

Battle of Mobile Networks – Bottom Line

There is no question remaining as to which is the fastest operator now. All tests point towards Jio as the final winner. However, just to be sure we conducted some of our own tests and found out that while the speeds we got were marginally lower, the end result was the same – Jio was the clear winner.

Unethical marketing is a huge concern in today’s day and age, and it is something all companies must refrain from doing.

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