Developer Preview of Android O Launched, Final Version Coming Q3 2017!

The Developer Preview of Android O has officially been launched by Google. Google has provided an overview of the projected timeline of Android O. The developer preview starts on 21st March 2017, and will last till the public release (planned in Q3 2017).

Developer Preview of Android O Launched

Following devices support the Developer Preview of Android O:

  • Nexus 5X.
  • Pixel XL.
  • Nexus Player (Android TV).
  • Pixel.
  • Nexus 6P.
  • Pixel C.

Developer Preview of Android O: What’s New


Several changes have been made in Android O as far as the notifications are concerned.

Autofill Framework

Android O will feature a form autofill feature that will automatically fill forms for account creation, transactions and login.

Picture-In-Picture Mode

This feature is already available on Android TV, but it will now be available for other devices, too. It works similar to multi-window but is mostly used for video playback.

Adaptive Icons

Adaptive icons will allow visual effects in the launcher icons.


Android O will add a lot more functionality to the media playback of your device. For instance, it will improve performance by controlling the buffering behavior.

The tweaked media recorder will support new formats. This should help streaming.

Multi-Display Support

This makes use of the multi-window functionality, too. Basically, if your device is using multiple displays and you are using multi-window, you can switch and choose which app runs on which display.

This new iteration of Android adds several other features, too.

Stay tuned for us to test the developer preview of Android O soon!

Source: Android Developer