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Google’s Fuchsia OS Has a Revolutionary New UI

Until now we’ve been hearing a lot about Google working on a 3rd OS. Right now there are only 2 Operating Systems powered by Google which is Android and Chrome. But reports have been claiming that Google is working on the third one which allegedly will also replace the Chrome OS. After all this time, a few leaks have been surfaced on the Internet. Reports of Google working on the Fuchsia OS came in a while back. Now though, it seems the secret OS has its own user interface. It will be really exciting to see what Google has got in store for us and also it will be fun to see a new lineup of devices to run the new Operating System.

The OS will ditch Linux altogether. Buzz is that the user interfaces being developed using the Flutter SDK, and is called “Armadillo”.

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A recent video leaked the UI, and it looks like nothing we have ever seen before. Fuchsia OS uses cards (just like Google Now) and it seems to focus a lot on multitasking. The user can have four apps open at the same time.

Why is Google Developing Fuchsia OS?

As of now, all we know is that the OS is in the development and has a user interface. Hence, we can only make assumptions until more information surfaces.fuchsia os befikarbuy

One possible reason for this could be to launch a new line of smartphones. Somewhat similar to the Nexus/Pixel lineup, except instead of running Android, they would run the Fuchsia OS.

This OS might also be in development to support future hardware that would be much more powerful than what we have right now.

Stay tuned for more as we will be posting about Google’s new mysterious Fuchsia OS as soon as new information surfaces!