htc edge sense app

HTC Edge Sense App appears on the Play Store, shows how the Edge Sense display will work

HTC had already released a flagship phone for 2017 which was the HTC U Ultra. Unfortunately, that phone failed miserably so HTC decided to launch another phone in the market. HTC has already confirmed the launch date for the HTC U11 and it seems that HTC is all set for the launch of this smartphone. The company had also confirmed that the phone will come with a squeezable display. Today, the HTC Edge Sense App appears on the Play Store.

HTC Edge Sense App

Recently, a video had surfaced on the internet which showcased the HTC Edge Sense functionality. Later on, HTC confirmed that this feature will be present on their next smartphone.

Today, HTC accidentally added a new app on the Google Play Store. The HTC Edge Sense App was uploaded, which shows users how they can use the Edge Sense functionality. Hours later the app was taken down, but we were fortunate enough to grab some screenshots from the internet.

htc edge sense apphtc edge sense apphtc edge sense app

The first screenshot shows a tutorial, where squeezing the edges of the phone fills up a virtual balloon. The rest of the photos illustrate potential uses for the gesture, from taking photos with the phone’s camera to starting Google Assistant. Unfortunately, there are no images of any settings menus, so the level of configuration that HTC will allow is still unknown.

Still, if you were doubting any of the previous rumors, now HTC itself has confirmed the phone will be squeezable. The device’s official reveal is slated for May 16, so we won’t have to wait long to see it in action. You can find the link to the app below, but as previously mentioned, you can only see the listing on the Play Store app.

It is rumored that this phone will be launching in 5 vibrant colors which are white, black, blue, red, and silver. Although all of these won’t be available in every region, we can expect the sale of the basic colors all across the globe.

Also on April 21st, a video surfaced on the Internet, which showcases the HTC’s new Edge Sense feature and gives a closer look at the same.



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