iOS 11: Hidden Secret iOS 11 Features You Didn’t Know About Until Now!


Believe it or not, all that gets announced at WWDC, the annual developer conference of Apple, is just a slice of the entire pizza. It almost makes me feel like WWDC is an abbreviation for “What We Don’t (c)ee”. Even though it is without any doubt the best slice of the entire pizza, trust me the leftovers are just as good if not better.

Today we’re talking about the next version of iOS, iOS 11 which is supposed to hit all the compatible devices in September or basically the day the next iPhone gets unveiled. So in iOS 11, there is more stuff stuffed in it than you can think of, including some surprises and here are a few of them.


This is pretty much the first amendment made in the animations department of iOS after iOS 7 and even though it is not a major one, it is definitely noticeable. So it begins from literally the very first thing you see which is the lock screen. So when you press the power button or the home button to wake up the device, the wallpaper diffuses from the bottom to the top and if you have the old iOS 10 wallpaper it diffuses from the top to the bottom.

It is actually a pretty sweet addition. Also now every time you press on an icon it expands without pushing all the apps away, unlike the exploding animation of iOS 7. And when you press the home button to close it, it gets sucked back right into where it came from again without any movement of the surrounding icons.


There are also new animations all over the brand new control center with the auto rotate icon being the highlight of all.


This for me is the most underrated feature of iOS 11 without any doubt and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. So now even if you have a 16GB iPhone, you need not cry anymore for storage. With this feature you can now offload some apps, meaning remove them from your iPhone while retaining their documents and important data. If you want them again you can simply re-install them in a second right from the home screen.

In fact, Apple actually played a little smart here with automatically offloading the apps that you don’t use frequently to create space when you’re running out of storage. Incredible isn’t it?


Now iOS has had this notorious reputation of having a crappy dark mode which is nowhere near as the one on Android, but with iOS 11, Apple has tried to bring about a change in the same. It still isn’t as good as that on Android but its an improvement from the previous one. So firstly you need to go into Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut and then tap on Smart invert. Then you need to go into display accommodations to toggle on invert colors, you will see the new improvements.

Now the icons try their best not to invert their colors at least not the thumbnails in the settings app. The photos app looks killer as well, however, most of the third party apps don’t support it as yet. But remember, this is just a beta version so the final one might be much more polished and stealthy especially with the black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


This is probably the best secret feature of iOS 11 for a lot of you guys. And it is just as simple to use as it sounds. Swipe up from the bottom to get to the Control Centre and tap on the encircled dot to begin recording your screen immediately. If you 3D Touch it, you also get to record audio while recording the screen which can be very convenient.

One thing to note, the option to record your screen is not readily available in the control center so you would have to go into Settings > Control Center and add it. Although I am not sure what took so long for Apple to provide this feature in iOS. But finally, no more jailbreaking just for this.


This one too is not an iOS exclusive with Android devices having this feature for years. Although you could have done this with a third-party keyboard on iOS too, but Apple is trying hard to ensure that you stick to the native iOS keyboard. So now in iOS 11 if you tap and hold the globe icon on the keyboard, you get to choose a left hand oriented and a right hand oriented keyboard operation. Definitely convenient for some.


And these are just naming a few hidden features of the new operating system. There are a lot of new minor tweaks all over system though. For example, the signal bars are back now replacing the circles, I kinda like the circles more. Taking a screenshot is a completely different process now, giving you more options to edit the same on the go. Most importantly, the volume level indicator now does not appear in the middle of the screen but at the top right corner. Hence finally not obstructing your view at all which is revolutionary for iOS.

The App store and the iTunes store now have new icons, much cleaner. Calculator app is now redesigned and looks way more minimal than ever. The entire OS now has a slightly bolder font. The dock icons don’t have titles anymore and these are just naming a few.

For much better understanding, you can watch this video with all of these and some more features in action.


I know all of this sounds interesting and tempting but I’d highly recommend not installing this, especially on your main device. It can easily destroy your present already smooth experience. Trust me, there are more bugs in the beta version of iOS 11 than the features. That being said, I’m actually really psyched for the final version to drop in September. I’m pretty sure it will be boomin!