LYF Reliance Jio Rs 999 Feature Phone leaked

We have been hearing a lot about Reliance Jio since 2016. It has been in news for a long time and for obvious reasons. Reliance Jio completely changed the telecom market and single handily reigned over it in a year. Jio launched a few smartphones in the budget segment under the brand name of “LYF”. These phones came with free internet and that was the MSP of buying LYF Smartphones. But, later on when Jio became available to everyone, naturally people stopped buying them. But now, reports have been claiming that Reliance Jio is going to launch feature phones with 4G VoLTE. And now, a LYF Reliance Jio Rs 999 Feature Phone has been leaked online.

LYF Reliance Jio Rs 999 Feature Phone leakedLYF Reliance Jio Rs 999 Feature PhoneLYF Reliance Jio Rs 999 Feature Phone

A few weeks back we had reported that a Jio Feature Phone might be releasing soon.

Today, a very popular Technology-based YouTube Channel, Technical Guruji posted a video on his channel, showing the LYF Reliance Jio Rs. 999 Feature Phone.

In his video, there was a video showcasing the phone.

Not much has been revealed yet but with the video, we can figure it out that the unit showed in the video seems to be a pre-production unit of the actual phone which is going to be released.

There is a LYF Branding right below the screen and it has got a normal keypad which we’ve been seeing on feature phones since years.

Apart from that, we can also see a camera in the back of the phone.

The LYF Reliance Jio Rs 999 Feature Phone looks very bulky and it seems that this will result in a huge battery.

Previous Report

Another report published by The Economic Times states that the Chinese mobile chipmaker Spreadtrum Communications has said it is working on reducing starting prices by at least half from the current levels, which might bring the 4G feature phone prices down to Rs 1,500. For all of those who are unaware, Spreadtrum Communications and Reliance Industries Ltd have a two-year-old partnership wherein the former is responsible for powering the latter’s Android-enabled smartphones including the LYF Flame 5.

“We are working on a technology that makes a Rs 1,500 4G feature phone viable. We have already started concept promotions to our partners,” Spreadtrum Communications’ country head Neeraj Sharma told ET.

Reliance Jio Infocomm is also understood to be in talks with Chinese contract manufacturers like Techchain, FortuneShip and Uniscope to explore manufacturing of 4G VoLTE feature phones, said a Financial Express report.

Earlier, back in January we saw an image online showcasing a Jio Feature Phone which also had a few buttons specifically dedicated to launching Jio apps. But later on, we never heard about the same phone, it seems that the new feature phone which is supposed to be launched for Rs. 1500 could look somewhat similar to this or may be the exact same.LYF Reliance Jio rs 999 feature phone