Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Winner Takes It All!

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2 – this is it. The great battle of the mid-rangers.

Xiaomi officially launched the successor to the extremely successful Note 3, the Note 4. Xiaomi has made the device geared towards everyday usage, rather than outright performance and that is evident by the use of a Snapdragon 625.

Meanwhile, Lenovo, too, launched their own mid-ranger – the Lenovo P2 – a few days back. It too is geared towards providing decent day-to-day usage to an everyday Joe instead of being a workhorse for a poweruser.

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Hardware

Both, the Note 4 and P2, come with a Snapdragon 625 Octa-core processor. This is interesting because the Redmi Note 3 packed a Snapdragon 650 which is more powerful than the 625 seen in the Note 4.

While both phones offer choices of 3GB and 4GB of RAM (the Xiaomi offers 2GB RAM as well), the way both use the RAM is different. As we all know, stock android does not need a lot of RAM, but since both run on heavily tweaked versions of vanilla android, the extra RAM is worth having. This is whu we would recommend going for the 4GB variants of both.

Expandable storage via microSD is supported by both.

Both the devices sport the same Adreno 506 GPU, too.

It seems both the devices are twins as far as what’s under the hood is concerned.

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Software

Unfortunately, none of the devices run on stock android. Both companies will ship the phones with their own, heavily modified, version of Android. Expect performance to take a hit because of this.

The Redmi Note 4 will ship with Android Marshmallow based MIUI 8 out of the box. MIUI is notorious for slowing down performance and hogging a lot of RAM. Several speed tests prove this claim. Some users, including me, like the simplicity of the ROM and how everything is easy to use. This is why certain users prefer MIUI over stock android.

The P2 will ship with Android Marshmallow based Vibe UI out of the box. Vibe UI is definitely a lot more stock android-like than MIUI, but it is still far from a pure stock android experience. Expect performance to be slower than stock android, but not as slow as MIUI.

As we can see, both devices run Android Marshmallow with different skins. Neither offer stock android. Choosing which ROM is better is subjective and completely depends on the users’ preferences.

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Battery

The Redmi Note 4 created headlines when it was announced that it would ship with a mammoth 4100mAh battery. Looks like Lenovo beat Xiaomi at their own game since the P2 comes with an absolutely massive 5100mAh battery.

To put that into perspective, it is like having almost two Nexus 5X batteries in one phone!

Moreover, the P2 comes with 24w rapid charging. This helps charge its massive battery faster. Sadly, the Note 4 does not come with any fast charging.

In our testing, the P2 lasted two whole days which is quite a feat especially in this day and age. Therefore, we have to give full points to the P2. That said, the 4100mAh battery of the Note 4 is by no means less. It is easily enough to last a day or more for an average user without breaking a sweat.

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Display & Design

The Note 4 uses a sleek 5.5″ Full HD 2.5D curved “arc” display. It definitely makes the device look premium.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.01.10 PM

On the other hand, the P2 uses a regular 5.5″ Full HD AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass protection. This results in vivid colors and deeper blacks. Also, you conserve more battery when using an AMOLED display than a regular LCD one.


Both devices look and feel sleek. The P2 sports font fingerprint scanner, while the Note 4 has it on the back. It all really comes down to personal preference, especially since both devices have metal backs.

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Camera

This is one department where the Redmi Note 4 shines. Based on our tests, the P2’s camera did not impress us at all. This is disappointing considering the P2 seemed like a more attractive overall package.

Do stay tuned for sample shots from both the phones once we get our hands on the Note 4.

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Pricing

It is no surprise to learn that India is a very price sensitive market. A difference of even a couple thousand rupees can make or break a phone.

Lenovo have priced their competitor to the Redmi Note 4 at a Rs. 6000 premium. This is reason enough for some to pick the Redmi Note 4 over the P2. This is because starting at Rs. 9999, the Redmi Note 4 makes an excellent value for money proposition.

In fact, spec for spec, you would be paying Rs. 5000 more for the 4GB/64GB variant.

That said, the P2 would be a better device for those whose main priority is battery life and a good display, since this is something the P2 excels at.

Redmi Note 4 Vs Lenovo P2: Conclusion

Price differences aside, both the phones are pretty much the same, save for a couple minor differences. This is why it does not matter which one you pick, from a performance standpoint.

Powerusers would be happier with the Xiaomi because of more community development and a larger modding community, but Lenovo phones have several ROMs available for flashing too.

For anyone on a budget though, the Redmi Note 4 would be the way to go, simply because of the lower price.

That concludes this mid-ranger battle. Which one is your pick? What are your thoughts on the devices and the pricing of the P2? Let us know in the comments section below. We look forward to reading what you have to say.

Stay tuned for more!