Tesla: Automotive Giant’s India Debut In Summer 2017?!

Tesla might make their Indian debut sooner than you think – in summer this year!

Tech blogs like BefikarBuy.com usually focus on mobile phones, laptops and other tech related products. However, we are making sort of an exception here for Tesla.

Unlike most other cars, a Tesla possesses a lot of very cool, almost sci-fi, technology. From their “autopilot” systems to the valet like self driving & parking skills, a Tesla has it all.

In 2016, the company announced their latest offering: the affordable Model 3. It created quite a stir in the market, especially since Tesla planned on bringing it to countries like India. Customers could book a car for $1,000 (refundable) to get priority when the car finally launched.

But, potential customers were skeptical about the car actually coming to India given the infrastructural requirements, i.e., lack of charging ports and a steady supply of electricity.

However, Elon Musk seems to have cleared things up with just one tweet.

Elon Musk’s tweet makes it evident that Tesla’s India debut is definitely on the cards and is being considered by Tesla. Not only that, but the company plans for a launch as soon as Summer 2017!

Possible Issues With a Tesla in India

As mentioned above, one of the major issues that the company could face is the lack of proper infrastructure required for a Tesla (or any electric car for that matter).

It remains to be seen what Tesla intends to do about the lack of good quality electricity and charging ports, and whether or not supercharging stations will be introduced here.

A possible strategy could be introducing supercharging stations for Model 3’s only in India, and tying up with petrol pumps, malls or car parking garages across the country to build charging ports.

Moreover, another issue the company could face is after sales service. After sales service and reliability matter a lot to the average Indian consumer. This is evident by the number of warranties that most products sold here have. Tesla being a new entrant to our market, might not have enough service centers.

Pricing & Availability of a Tesla in India

The Model 3 will start at $35,000 in USA. This translates to around Rs. 24,00,000. Tesla plans on developing a gigafactory in India, so we expect the car to be assembled (or better yet, built) in India. This would significantly lower down costs.

This is why it would not be wrong to assume a price tag of around Rs. 40,00,000-45,00,00. That is, if they do not charge a premium like Toyota does with the Prius. This combined with rebates and tax benefits from the government would make the car an excellent value for money proposition.

While Elon Musk’s tweet did clarify a lot of questions people had about the company’s debut in India, it is doubtful that customers will start getting deliveries this soon. A year-end or 2018 date for deliveries sounds a lot more achievable.

There is not much information on whether or not all models in Tesla’s stable will hit Indian roads. As previously mentioned, the Model 3 will most definitely be launched here given the option to book the car.

The Model S and Model X could be launched, but as premium cars for the 1%. The Model S would compete with the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ. This translates to a price tag of around Rs. 1.5 crore if not more. The Model X might be priced a bit higher.

Stay tuned for more information on Tesla and other cool tech!

  • Bindu

    Interesting.But with the price tag to it, can they hope to attract buyers and make the kind of environmental changes reqd? And what with charging ports being scant?