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Top 10 USB OTG uses you must know!

USB OTG has to be by far one of the coolest features smartphones ever got. Previously it used to be considered as a feature which was available only on high-end smartphones. In fact, some of the smartphones had to be rooted to use this functionality. But thanks to the evolution of smartphones in such a pace, we now find this feature in every smartphone sold these days. USB OTG has provided a lot of room for new products and different possibilities which can be achieved with those products. So today, we will take a look at the Top 10 USB OTG uses you must know!

1. Connect a USB Flash Driveusb otg uses befikarbuy1

This is one of the simplest and basic things which comes to your mind after you hear the term USB OTG. All you have to do is, simply connect the USB Flash drive to the USB-A end of your OTG Cable and then connect the other end to your smartphone. You will now be able to access the files present in your USB Flash Drive. This is a great way to get instant storage if your smartphone doesn’t have enough. Also with this method, you can transfer files between your computer and phone.

2. Connect a Hard Diskusb otg uses befikarbuy2

Just like the way we connect the USB Flash Drive you can also connect an external hard disk to your phone. This will provide you with a crazy amount of data to access right on your phone. The steps are the same to connect this too, simply connect the external hard drive to the USB-A end of your OTG Cable and then connect the other end to your smartphone.

3. Connect a Keyboard/Mouseusb otg uses befikarbuy3

Android screens are actually really small devices to play around with. Typing and browsing through the internet become a pain in the ass when you have such a small screen to consume the data. You can connect your existing USB mouse and keyboards to your Android Phone and use them just the way you do on a Windows or a Mac.

4. Connect a USB Fan/Lightusb otg uses befikarbuy4usb otg uses befikarbuy41

There are a ton of different products in the market which have a USB Port, just like that, we find USB LED lights and Fans these days. As the Summer is going on, there is no harm to a small product which can fit in the palm of your hand. You can plug it in into the USB-A end of your OTG and stick the other end to your phone and you’ll be able to use the USB Fan/Light.

5. Use your Android Phone as a Field Monitor for your DSLRusb otg uses befikarbuy5

Field Monitors for DSLRs are damn expensive. Though they provide amazing functionality and are a great addition to your arsenal, they simply don’t justify the price tag. In the end, they are just screens and guess which things have good screens? Smartphones. They have pretty sharp and accurate displays, at least for the beginners who can’t afford to buy a field monitor. Here is a tutorial on how to do the same:

6. Connect your memory cardsusb otg uses befikarbuy6

Just like the flash drives, you can also connect your cards to your smartphone. All you need is a product called “card reader”. These card readers can cost you as low as 1$ and help you connect cards like a sd card, a micro sd card,  CF card and also a memory stick.

7. Connect an Ethernet Cableusb otg uses befikarbuy7

Some people still don’t have a WiFi router at home. To consume unlimited internet at high speeds. You can get something known as a “USB Ethernet Adapter”. This product lets you connect an ethernet cable to any USB port. Connect the ethernet cable to the adapter and then connect the USB-A port to the OTG Cable, now once you connect the other end to your phone you will be able to use your internet via the USB Adapter.

8. Print documents via Printerusb otg uses befikarbuy8

You can connect your printer’s USB cable to the OTG and then connect that to your smartphone. Then download the app “PrinterShare” which will simply download all the required drivers for your printer. Once that is done, you can print any type of documents you want to.

9. Charge another phoneusb otg uses befikarbuy9

Yes, you can charge another phone with an OTG Cable. The charging time will obviously reduce, but it is a great option when you’re running very low on charge. It can basically help you get the last minute charge to make sure you don’t miss any of your important calls.

10. Connect a Gaming Controllerusb otg uses befikarbuy10

Smartphones these days support gaming controllers. There are a ton of different games which you can play using a gaming controller and it is a completely different experience altogether. There are different ways in which you can use your existing Playstation or X-Box controllers on Android.

That’s all for now. If we missed any other features or uses, let us know in the comment section down below.