youtube messaging

Youtube messaging feature allows you to share videos

Google is bringing new improvements and testing out features almost every day.Today we have a new feature for you called the youtube messaging feature baked into the youtube app.

youtube messaging

What is the new youtube messaging feature?

This feature basically allows the users to share videos and chat with their contacts directly within the app and it gives a lot of flexibility to the user.Besides that, the user can also receive the videos within the app and they can also chat along with reacting using emoji’s using the Youtube in-app messaging feature.
The Users can also invite people to the conversation and share the videos.The statement regarding this feature from Youtube is that it is aimed to “make sharing easier, faster and more fun on your phone”.Adding to all this, they have also introduced a new ‘Shared’ tab at the bottom of the app which helps you to keep track of all your conversations.It is also worth noting that this feature is only available for mobile devices as of now.

This a pretty handy feature for all the youtube users and we hope that this feature also makes it to the desktop versions.So, STAY TUNED!

Source: The Verge